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documentsThere is a lot at stake on your paper and we understand that. We want you to retain our services confident that we are able to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them. You get into school and find jobs based on what you know. Sadly if you are not able to properly convey that knowledge in a written manner you stand no chance in today’s marketplace.

Your written work is very important to you. When you send your documents to our paraphrasing service, we want you to have peace of mind. As a paraphraser service, it is our goal to ensure that all of your questions are answered and that you have confidence in every step that we take when we fulfil your request that we “rewrite my paper.” We will ask any questions that you have about each step as we go along as you paraphraser service; however, here is a list of a few frequently asked questions that might answer any concerns you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Essay Reworder

When you rewrite my paper, do you guarantee your work is original?

Yes. All of our content is thoroughly checked to be 100% original. To ensure your peace of mind we also offer a free plagiarism report to show you that your document is original.

Why should I use paraphrasing service instead of special essay rewriter tools to reword this sentence?

You could. However, special tools do not come with the peace of mind that a manual service offers. Most tools do not go far enough. The flow of writing that a manual service is something that a machine cannot easily mimic. Nothing is more of a giveaway than forced text.

An online tool may also have trouble with certain things like how to reorder sentences to avoid plagiarism. These services also are usually unable to summarize or understand the meaning behind the words; a machine cannot properly handle slang and usually, the paper quality suffers. It is not enough to be an essay rewriter, tools sometimes just run a work through a thesaurus changing words. Many plagiarism tools look for this.

What are file formats supported?

We can work with documents in many file formats. We support the traditional .docx and .pdf documents as well as several others, such as .rtf, .doc, .odt, .txt, and .uot. We also can format the finished copy to your desired file format.

What if I am not satisfied with how you rephrase my sentence?

We here are dedicated to your satisfaction and will go out of our way to meet reasonable accommodations to ensure your satisfaction. We are willing to offer rewriting of your project and tweak as much as possible to ensure your satisfaction.

Who are the writers I’m gonna be working with? Do the writers have enough experience to reword sentences to avoid plagiarism?

The writers you are going to work with are usually experts with the written language of your publication. The hail from diverse backgrounds in university and traditional backgrounds. They all have at least one thing in common; they all have spent a significant amount of time perfecting their craft. On top of that, they are native English speakers that have undergone extensive testing to ensure they are the best.

You may have dozens of more questions. We encourage you to contact us to answer any questions that you have about our essay reworder.

We understand that not everyone can write on the level of Charles Dickens, that is why you hire paraphrasing help online!